When the Day is Long and Hard

When the day is long and hard with no reward
in sight Go inside your secret garden and dream
of the wonders you already are.

When the night is dark and lonesome with no friend
around Go inside your secret garden and feel
the love you already are.

When the world outside is confusing and no answer soothes
the mind Go inside your secret garden and receive
the wisdom you already are.

When your efforts demand more patience and time is
running out Go inside your secret garden and be
the freedom you already are.

© Stania Zbela 2016

On the Nature of the Mind

The mind is expandable
Like bread it soaks up the
Delectable sauces with the
Watered-down juices

It minds not if the
Food has been proffered
It finds uses for the flesh as
Easily as for the serving platter

In terms of consumption
The hunger may vary but
In terms of living it reasons to
Satisfy only itself.

© Stania Zbela 2016


Hope is one of the most beautiful things in the universe. But not the kind of soppy, cheap, conventional hope that we are routinely conditioned into. But one that is raw, palpable, and often just on the periphery of our seeming demise. Hope that pumps us up with adrenaline, injects belief and passion back into our lives, makes us swim strong against the current– even with our last breath. Hope that doesn’t allow us to sleep because it knows we can dream bigger, work harder, do better. Hope that nurtures, loves and takes care of us when we are at the end of our rope. Hope that reminds us that deep down we are visionaries, full of creative power and imagination beyond our wildest dreams.


Meditation in practice
Practice as an unfolding process
Process to reconnect the parts
We have suppressed, forgotten, disavowed
In order to put the heart together
And reunite it with the Mind
Seeing into our true nature
As we really are–

© Stania Zbela 2015