Julie Nalty

I began my coaching with Stania because I needed to improve the overall direction of my life, and I also needed to improve my relationships. With that being said, working with Stania has been very intense but rewarding work so far. Stania has a way of cutting through all the fluff and fog and getting straight to the heart of the matter, specifically where it counts. Her guidance focuses on revealing to oneself the genuine and true self, and this is used as an anchor to redirect one’s life path. Stania showed me how to access my various layers through visualization and different types of psychological and emotional work. I now can look at my life and see many parts of it without bias. I am taking ownership for what my life has been and what I want it to be.

Without any reservation, I highly recommend coaching with Stania! She has your highest interests in heart and mind. As you develop a life coaching relationship with her, she is truly empathetic to what you are facing. Stania will request of you your utmost effort and attentiveness to yourself, and she provides you with the tools that you will need to take those scary leaps. As you continue working so diligently towards improving yourself, rest assured that Stania is working equally hard on helping you accomplish your goals and making space for you to manifest your dreams.

Stania has the experience and the natural talent to do this work. Y-E-S Coaching is about integrity, and when you reflect on one of your sessions you’ll think to yourself, ‘Wow, she is REALLY good!’

Catherine Cliché

Stania coached me and helped me going through very difficult times of my life. She is smart, has a great capacity to listen to others and gives the support that make you feel grounded and ready to face the difficulties of life. She has a great expertise in coaching and she is very serious and respectful. You can rely on her ability to help you growing.

Tamara S.

From our very first coaching session Stania created a very relaxed and calming environment that would set the tone for building a trusting coach/client relationship. I initially sought coaching to work in areas of time management and clarity for my next steps in career/life. Through Stania’s form of coaching we began to unwrap those areas where I felt stuck. This deeper layer of coaching ultimately set me on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. It’s amazing when you get to the root of a situation and discover that the problem was not what you initially thought it was. Stania’s style of coaching brought much calmness and non-judgment into this trusted space. By actively listening, and drawing on her intuition she asked powerful questions that cut beneath the surface and led me to a place of new discoveries and awareness. There were moments of celebration, laughter and many Aha moments! When my coaching session was completed, I had the necessary tools and action steps to keep moving forward. Thanks Stania for being an awesome coach!

If you have not discovered coaching for yourself, I highly recommend that you begin your first session with Stania. I think you will find as I have, coaching is truly a gift waiting to be discovered.

Takeshi T.

I am really satisfied with the quality of the coaching especially because the content is very pragmatic and useful so as to quickly apply it to my job. I am impressed how effective her coaching sessions are for my personal development.